Our Humble Beginnings

Nine years ago, in 2015, we embarked on a mission. A small team with big dreams, we set out to provide exceptional sales and marketing services to import and export companies.
Our vision was clear: to bridge gaps, foster growth, and create lasting partnerships.

Growth and Transformation

As the sun rose on each new day, so did our aspirations. We worked tirelessly, learning, adapting, and expanding our horizons. Our commitment to excellence fueled our evolution. From those modest beginnings, we blossomed into something remarkable.

Our Pillars of Strength

Marketing Mastery

We don’t just market products; we weave stories.

Our creative minds craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

Whether its digital campaigns, branding, or product launches, we leave an indelible mark.

Consulting Brilliance

Management challenges? We thrive on them.

Our seasoned consultants dissect complexities, analyze data, and propose strategic solutions.

From streamlining operations to optimizing resources, we’re the compass guiding businesses toward success.

Property Management Par Excellence

Properties are more than bricks and mortar; they’re investments.

Ethio-Stellat manages properties with care, ensuring landlords and tenants experience seamless transactions.

Our attention to detail and commitment to transparency set us apart.

Events That Sparkle

From glittering galas to intimate gatherings, we orchestrate events that leave guests spellbound.

Our meticulous planning, creative flair, and flawless execution turn visions into reality.

Ethio-Stellat events are where memories are made.

Our Impact

Today, we stand tall as one of Ethiopia’s premier companies. Our journey has been marked by resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication. We’ve collaborated with industry giants, transformed businesses, and left footprints on the sands of progress.

Join Us on this Stellat Journey